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Welcome to the Market Penetration LP Home Page.   To see more information about our Materials Handling Equipment product lines, you can click on either the MPLP Product Lines link above or,  if you'd prefer to view the site without Frames, click on the Product Line - No Frames Version.  Click on the News link for updates to the Products Lines that we represent or, for other news about changes to the Web Site.

Our Materials Handling office and warehouse is in Humble, Texas

Dockboards - in the Market Penetration Houston warehouse
Example of our stock of Dockboards.

Our Mission:

Dedicated to dealers....
Committed to serving them!
Since 1978

Our stock of Pallet Jacks - one of the types of materials handling equipment handled by Market Penetration
Example of our stock of Pallet Jacks

Company Profile

Market Penetration LP is a Manufacturer's Representative for Materials Handling Equipment.  Our warehouse is in the Houston, Texas area.  We currently have agreements with the following equipment manufacturers: Berner International, Cogan, Dixie Dock, Dura Flex, LEWIS Bins, Lift Rite Inc., New Age Industrial, Nexel Wire Shelving, Presto Lifts, Inc., and Rousseau Metals.  Some of the types of equipment that we handle and sell includes:  air curtains, bollards, bumpers, casters, carpet poles, containers and parts bins, dockboards, dock bumpers, dock levelers, dock lights, dock plates, dock seals, dock shelters, drum handlers, folding doors, industrial ladders, lift jibs, lockers, matting, mezzanines, modular drawers and trays, pallet jacks, pallet trucks, racking, rolling doors, strip doors, tilters, vertical conveyors, wire decking and partitions, protective guardrails, security cages, data centers, colocation cages, along with work positioners, lift tables, workbenches, workstations and yard ramps.  

Contact Information

Houston Area Office

bullet(832)243-5806 or (800)722-8120
bullet(832)243-5810 or (800)722-4267
bulletPostal address
bulletP.O. Box 3305, Humble, TX 77338
bulletPhysical address  - Click on the address link for a printable map.
bullet 15760 West Hardy Road, Suite 440B
Houston, TX 77060
bulletElectronic mail
bulletGeneral Information and Sales: Sales@market-penetration.com
bulletWebmaster: wprejean@kwhsbnet.com

Contact Market Penetration LP at (832)243-5806 or (800)722-8120 for information on availability and pricing.
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